PrivacyMark Renewal Announcement

SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as SC-ABeam), a specialized consulting firm in the automotive industry, received renewal approval for its personal information protection and PrivacyMark based on the JIS Q 15001 standards on March 2, 2018.

In accordance with our personal information protection policy, SC-ABeam will continue to handle personal information in a safe and appropriate manner, while maintaining and improving a reliable system that can be used with confidence.

Renewal Registration Overview

Registration Number: No. 10840490 (04)
Renewal Expiration Date: November 27, 2019

Handling of Personal Information at SC-ABeam

For details, please refer to the Privacy Policy.
Privacy Policy
Publications based on the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information

The PrivacyMark System

“PrivacyMark” is a system under which businesses that have created personal information protection compliance programs and are handling personal information appropriately are assessed, confirmed, and granted the right to display the “PrivacyMark” logo by the Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC), or organizations designated by JIPDEC, which is a third-party institution and an external organization of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

For inquiries regarding this matter

SC-ABeam Personal Information Inquiry Support

*We apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not accept direct inquiries made on the company premises.