Create value in the automotive/mobility field growing sustainably together with society.

Our company is a joint venture between Sumitomo Corporation, a general trading company with a core focus on the automotive/mobility industry in addition to a presence in a wide range of other businesses, and ABeam Consulting, a global consulting firm that contributes to business value creation for clients through innovation and collaborative creation.

The automotive industry, which has been the foundation of our consulting business until now, has undergone what can be called a "once in a century" transformation from "developing, manufacturing, and selling automobiles (objects)" to "providing mobility services through automobiles (actions)."

In addition, amid the recent pandemic, the world as a whole is changing drastically, and automotive mobility is being called upon to play an even more important role in society by contributing to sustainable growth. Societal issues such as climate change, aging, urbanization, and widening inequality have reached the point of requiring urgent action.

We consider these new developments to be both a challenge and an opportunity. Throughout history, mobility and methods of transportation have always contributed to the development of society. Since its emergence, the automobile has changed the world and fulfilled people's desires for prosperity. We believe that we can take advantage of the superior functionality of automobiles while adopting a broader societal perspective in order to advance the mobility business and contribute to the societal issues surrounding the very nature of transportation and mobility.

As we move into this new era, we will leverage the broad business capabilities at our general trading company to meet people's evolving demands for mobility, and through our consulting business, we will work hand-in-hand with our clients as we look towards creating value in the field of transportation and mobility.

SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting
President & CEO