We want to help shape the future of an automobile industry that is facing monumental changes.

Our company is a joint venture between ABeam Consulting, which is expanding its comprehensive consulting activities globally, and Sumitomo Corporation, which is engaged in a wide variety of commercial activities around the globe and focused on the automobile industry as one of its core businesses.

Now, more than 100 years since the birth of the automobile, there are massive changes sweeping the automobile industry. The backdrop for these changes includes responses to megatrends such as aging, urbanization, climate change, and energy resource consumption, as well as changes in societal values, lifestyles, and the recent rapid evolution of digital technology. In view of these challenges, it is clear that the automobile industry is approaching the kind of revolution that is seen only “once in a century.”

We think that this revolution heralds the “advent of a new mobility society.” Though in the past, for many, many years, we have thought of automobiles primarily as “objects,” we believe that a new age is coming in which automobiles will be considered from the perspective of how they interact with and affect “people,” “lifestyles,” and “society.” We also believe that a new era will evolve in which new “things” will be born when the concept of “mobility = the transport of people” is integrated in various ways.

At turning points in times like these, through our consulting activities, we can contribute to “building a future of mobility” by thinking things thoroughly, taking action, and facing these changes together with our clients and colleagues.

SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting
President & CEO