SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting would like to integrate two opposed elements like "Management and Operation", "Industry (production) and Market (marketing)" and "Planning and Execution" while providing a consulting service with a focus on "speed" (instant results) and "action" (effective results). We believe it is important to integrate and combine the two different skills; one is to understand particular problems specific to the industry, and the other is to solve problems strategically without restrictions by usual standards in the automobile industry.

To realize this idea, Sumitomo Corporation and ABeam Consulting combined their forces together. The former has business know-how and a wide-ranging network in the automobile industry and the latter is well-established in the field of global best practice companies and has various solution tools. That's why we have a great system to provide our customers the necessary human resources and business know-how, depending on the client's profile including their needs, the industry sector, territory, character as well as the scale and standard of the company.

Besides, in the field of technology and product development as well as productivity and quality control, there will be many issues which require a high level of expertise and a deep relationship of trust. Thus we have built a system structure that can assist our customers on demand. For example, we have "technical advisors" with over 30 engineers who used to work in the development division or the manufacturing division at different Automobile manufacturers or suppliers. We also have "local advisors" who are aware of regional information or human networks in western countries and BRICs etc.


Mail magazine Auto Business Insight

News and information from SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting. You can also read columns and articles written by our consulting staff. They will tell you up-to-date stories about the Automobile Industry analyzed from both points of view: the economy and the site.
Please note the mail magazines will be written in Japanese.

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