Our mission is to contribute to forge an Automobile Nation Japan through our consulting activities.

SC-ABeam Automotive ConsultingAs "the only consulting company in the Automobile industry", we provide following service and support: 1) to help companies in the Automobile industry, the leading industries of Japan, to solve their problems, 2) to encourage continuous innovation and growth of the whole country, while helping break through by being a medium of communication/integration with different industries that have innovative asset resources, 3) to help the next generation of Japan to enjoy affluence and to feel pride about the country in the same way we did, even in a society with an aging population and a declining birthrate. Our mission is to contribute to forge an "Automobile Nation Japan" through these activities.

To achieve our mission, we help companies in the Automobile industries from carmakers to companies in the automotive aftermarket, while supporting business plans including investment and new entry into the industry as well as new materials with which you want expand the business into the industry. In addition to that, we also assist corporate investors as well as companies from different industries like bio, optical, chemical, electronics, and telecommunications by designing, fixing, preparing and carrying out a strategic plan. Especially, we are welcoming consultation requests from divisions like corporate planning, product developing and marketing as well as investment arms.

Mail magazine Auto Business Insight

News and information from SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting. You can also read columns and articles written by our consulting staff. They will tell you up-to-date stories about the Automobile Industry analyzed from both points of view: the economy and the site.
Please note the mail magazines will be written in Japanese.

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