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Message from President & CEO

We promote consulting services to create a new future together with everyone in anticipation of a new era in the automobile industry.

President & CEO Shinya OmoriRecently, the automobile, along with a large number of related businesses, is entering an age of rapid and drastic innovation.

Since the end of the 19th century until present day, the automobile, with a focus on the basic performance components of “drive, turn, and stop” that exist as part of its established product concepts, has continually evolved in order to meet the societal demands of environmental protection, safety, and more. And now, the automobile industry is entering an era of rapid evolution, or in other words, an era of reinvention. Over the next 20 years, the industry is sure to experience an evolution that exceeds the extent that occurred over the last 100 years, not only in terms of large changes in technology itself, but also in production and supply systems as well as in the very identity of automobiles within society. This will be manifested in the electrification of power trains, automobiles transitioning from relying on individual controls to (externally connected) systematic controls, high degree of fusion between machines and IT in components, as well as the adoption of new materials.

Our company, SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting, was founded in 2003 as a consulting company specializing in the automobile industry, under the major stock ownership of the Sumitomo Corporation, which, with the automobile business as one of its core focuses, conducts its commercial operations globally in a wide range of fields, and ABeam Consulting Ltd., which provides consulting services for the automobile industry and many other fields. In other words, we are “a hybrid company” whose upbringing itself was the result of the leadership of two different kinds of these parent companies. We pride ourselves in our ability to wield the combined abilities of automobile business specialists and consulting professionals who capitalize on their respective views and experiences in order to connect businesses and industries, in various different fields.

Today we would like to thoroughly reassess the distinct qualities we possess as personal assets in order to capitalize on them to their fullest extent. The reason for this is that we believe that a large number of opportunities have presented themselves, in fact, as a result of the rapid evolution encompassing the automobile businesses as described above, in which hybrid entities like ourselves can utilize their combined abilities to create new synergies. As we seek to build the 20 years ahead of us, we fix our gaze on the future and pledge to engage in our research and consulting work toward a new age for automobiles.

I would like to once again express my deepest appreciation for your exceptional patronage and support of our consulting work, various announcements, e-mail magazine delivery, and other activities. As we hope to strive even more diligently to expand our activities in an effort to build the future of automobiles with you, we kindly ask for your continued patronage and guidance in the future as well.

SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting
President and CEO
Shinya Omori

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